Simple Redirects v1.1.0

  • Published: 2020-03-13

  • Author: Nickolas Burr


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We’ve released Simple Redirects v1.1.0 and it contains several important updates and new features, including Composite Rules and admin UI improvements.


  • Composite rules (rule chaining)

  • Admin UI improvements

Composite Rules

Starting in v1.1.0, rules can be linked together to create composite rules. This is important because it provides the ability to match several conditions of requests and respond more appropriately, as compared to only matching a single condition of requests. Composite rules are especially useful when migrating to Magento from other platforms, like Shopify or BigCommerce, where the structuring of URLs is substantially different.

Below is an example of three (3) atomic (single-purpose) rules that are linked together to form a composite rule. Composite rules take the form of a directed tree and behave in an upward, bubbling fashion, meaning rules are validated child => parent, but not parent => child. The reason for this is because dependency metadata is stored on the child rule, not the parent rule.

Simple Redirects composite rules

Atomic rules link together to form one composite rule.


For complete changelog, see CHANGELOG.txt.

[1.1.0] ~ 2020-03-11


  • Add priority row to adminhtml simpleredirects_rule_view template

  • Add basic rule chaining support in RuleValidator validation model

  • Add Rule select source model

  • Include name, parent_id during save in adminhtml rule createPost, editPost controllers

  • Add name, parent_id form elements in simpleredirects_rule_form.xml

  • Include rule name in adminhtml rule view details template

  • Add parent_id column UI component class

  • Add Target column UI component class

  • Add Rule view model View::getParentName() method

  • Add parent, target rows to simpleredirects_rule_view template

  • Add CancelButton UI component class

  • Add cancel button to simpleredirects_rule_form.xml

  • Add adminhtml rule back button block

  • Add back button block in adminhtml simpleredirects_rule_view.xml

  • Add DeleteButton UI component class

  • Add adminhtml simpleredirects_rule_deletePost controller

  • Add adminhtml rule delete.js

  • Add delete button in adminhtml simpleredirects_rule_form.xml


  • Update default value in ParentId::getLabel()

  • Set RuleInterface::getTarget() nullable return type

  • Check if rule has target value in Router::match()

  • Make target column nullable in db_schema.xml

  • Update button CSS class in adminhtml rule edit button block

  • Update <actionsColumn> config in simpleredirects_rule_grid.xml

  • Set RuleInterface::setParentId() parameter as nullable type


  • Remove validation for target field

  • Remove edit button from simpleredirects_rule_grid actions column