Notification Service v1.0.0

  • Published: 2020-02-07

  • Author: Nickolas Burr


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Magento provides a backend notification system that lacks powerful features, like auto-publish and discovery. Consequently, many extension vendors don’t effectively utilize it for important announcements, like API-breaking releases, EOL notices, or deprecation of specific extension features, which can lead to transparency issues.

To address this issue, wouldn’t it be nice if you could just add, say, an XML file to your module, which contains the notifications you want to publish, and the rest is handled by the notification system? It would remove the need for notification-specific models and data patches, and would not require setup upgrade to run in order for new notifications to publish.

Bottom line: It should be dead simple to use.

That was exactly what we wanted, so we built it. Now, instead of bloating our modules with one-off scripts and extraneous classes, we just add a notifications.xml file to our module, update it as needed, and we no longer have to stress about backend notifications.

Notification Service v1.0.0 is now available on GitHub.